Thermosyphon simulation using evaporative condensation model will lose mass|Lee model

    • nacnc

      I am simulating two-phase thermosyphon heat pipe with VOF model,Lee model, k-o sst, primary phase r134 vapor, secondary phase is r134 liquid, Others are initial settings 

      I have tried both SIMPLE and PISO solution methods.  

      Three sections - Evaporator, condenser and adiabatic, 

    • nacnc
      If I need more information, I will add it in the discussion
    • Surya Deb
      Ansys Employee
      1.) For condensation, check the Saturation properties. Also keep in mind that the condensation model is not wall condensation but bulk condensation.
      2.) Are you using built-in Real gas EOS or RGP files?
      3.) Are you solving it in transient? If not, then try to solve it as transient as it is totally enclosed.
      Regards SD

    • SRICHARAN285
      hi i am also working on heat pipe.
      my simulation temp in adiabatic region is more than the eveporator
      anyone know the reason?
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