Three-Phase High Frequency transformer


    • YasirSabah

      Hi Guys

      I am working on three-phase high frequency transformer into ansys maxwell, the first simulation is transient with material of TDK_PC40_BH_25cel, and I got the results as expected. Then I did Eddy Current simulation under open circuit condition where the primary windings excitation were current (Magnetizing Current) and the secondary winding is 0 A. the results of flux density and Transformer inductances are totally different, especially the self inductance of each winding.

      does the material with BH curve can be used under eddy current solver or I have to used the same material with permeability only?

      how can I get the exact value of flux density in ansys maxwell and this can be done with transient or eddy current solver?

    • Howard
      Ansys Employee

      The simulations should be performed very well and results would be similar in both transient and eddy current solvers. The eddy current solver supports non-linear BH curve and is full-wave solution with displacement current.
      Could you check the setting of excitation? current entering will be for peak value in the eddy current solver. How is the meshing?
      What is the adaptive frequency? Is it same with the transient model? We may check each setting of both the FEA models.

    • YasirSabah
      Hi HDLI
      thanks for your reply
      can we discuss on email?
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