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Three-point bending test contact problems

    • Diana

      Hello, I'm trying to do a three-point bending test on a biliary stent of 3mm with a multilinear isotropic hardening material, but for some reason the program is not finding a converged solution and not doing the bending correctly, I tried changing the contacts, mesh and the distance between the tool and the stent but somehow is not working. I applied a frictionless support to half of the stent for symmetry.
      Can someone help me out?, I'm really stuck and don't know what to do :(

      Here is the link of a drive folder with the simulation: Three-point bending test of stent

      I'm using ANSYS 2022R1

    • peteroznewman

      Hello Diana,

      I made several changes to your model to get it to start converging.

      Added a remote displacement to set the X Displacement to 0 leaving others Free because that DOF was unrestrained.

      Changed the contact to have a 0.1 Factor of Normal Stiffness and added Adjust to Touch since the top rod was not touching the stent.

      Changed the Analysis Setting to have 100 Initial Substeps and requested N-R Force Residual Plots and Distored Elements groups.

      Changed the Mesh to set the Element Order to Linear and suppressed the fine mesh on the top rod. This lets the solver run much faster.

      I stopped it after a few converged substeps. I don’t know if it will get to the end of your load sequence, but at least it has started.

      Good luck!


    • Diana
      Thank you so mu
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