Thrust Calculation of propeller blades of drones

    • Ramendra Sharan Tripathi

      I need to find the thrust generated by the propeller of the drone so I did the analysis on ansys by generating rotary domain and static domain. But I am unable to read the result i.e when I click reports >> forces >> propeller >> print , It generates some of the values under the heading pressure,viscous and total .So out of the given values which is my thrust value and in what unit . I herewith attach my model and result for your ready reference. Please help me out.  result

      model setup

      if possible please share the valid proof because after this analysis I have to fabricate it also.

    • SRP


      Total represents the thrust force. Unit here is Newton.

      I suggest you to please refer to the article with title "Estimation of the thrust coefficient of a Quadcopter
      Propeller using Computational Fluid Dynamics" for more understanding.

      Thank you

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