Time history of Pressure coefficient of multiple points in Fluent!

    • Obake Chan

      Hi everyone!

      Could anyone teach me how to export the Time history of the Pressure coefficient of multiple points in Ansys Fluent?

      Thank you so much for your help!

    • Supreetha J
      In Fluent, the export of data on a point needs to be done via a surface monitor during run time as the calculation proceeds.
      To do this:
      1. Create points at the desired location via Post-Processing Results>>Create>>Point
      2. Go to Monitors and create a vertex average points and select to write the data to a file, with desired variable.
      Note that this needs to be done before the calculation starts, in run-time when the calculations are running. 
      To get the physical time, select the flow time in the x-axis.
      Hope this helps!
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