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General Mechanical

Time step error


      I am trying to simulate orthogonal cutting process in ansys workbench using explicit dynamics. i have used johnson cook model and other physical properties for the tool and workpiece. Workpiece dimensions are 10*4*3 mm and tool has 5 deg rake and clearance angle. I have made both tool and workpiece flexible with lagrangian approach. Tool and workpiece materials and its properties are taken from a science article. Mesh was body sized with element size of 0.1mm.tool and workpiece is modeled in solidworks with fixing depth of cut to 1mm

      In explicit settings:

      fixed support- 2 faces of workpiece of other side (bottom and left side face)

      displacement- displacement was given to tool (8mm) towards the workpiece and keeping the workpiece stationary.

      analysis settings - end time is given as 0.001 sec

      The problem i face here is that it says the time step is too small so the result is not obtained.

      i wanted to calculate the stress and temperature from this simulation

      can someone please help me with this (i have attached some of the screen shots)

      i coudnt capture the error message but it says ('Time step is too small')

      i have also included friction co-efficient of 0.2

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