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Time step for beam element confimation

    • agopalkr

      Hello, I am running an explicit analysis for a bunch of beam elements embedded in a PDMS substrate. Per the ANSYS manual the time step is dependent on the length of the smallest element t = h/c (where h is the element characteristic lenght and c is the speed of sound in the material).

      For my analysis the beam element is the smallest length. Am I correct in assuming that the lenght is the smallest element size of the beam element?

      By that I mean, if i have a beam 1 m long divided into 4 elements each of size 0.25m, my characteristic size h is 0.25?

      Is there a way of checking this in ANSYS. I know i can go element size -> characteristic length under mesh, but it always shows 0 for shell and beam elements.

    • Ram Gopisetti
      Ansys Employee
      check the following course on time step
      yes the smallest length of the beam is considered.

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