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Time varying boundary condition in Fluent

    • Andrés Páliz

      Hi everyone, I´m trying to change a wall bc for a mass flow bc I´ve made a code, but the problem that I have is that the name of the "Iteration" variable is incorrect, maybe someone know the correct name of the variable where the iteration value is recorded?

      This is the code:

        ((> (rpgetvar 'iteration) 1)
         (ti-menu-load-string define/boundary-conditions/zone-type 249 wall)
         (ti-menu-load-string define/boundary-conditions mass flow inlet 249 yes no no 28.554 no 0 no no no 1 no 1)
        ((> (rpgetvar 'iteration) 100)
         (ti-menu-load-string define/boundary-conditions/zone-type 249 mass flow inlet)
         (ti-menu-load-string define/boundary-conditions wall 249 yes yes no 0 no 0 no yes yes no 1 no 1)

    • Rob
      Ansys Employee

      Are you trying to change a wall to a mass flow boundary at a set time step? If so, have a look at Execute Commands (you can trigger these once only now). 

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