Tips for my project of wave generation against current.

    • teetercl


      I am trying to model an experiment I did in a water flume. Water flows over a streamlined object placed on the bottom of the stream in order to increase the flow velocity. Downstream an object bobs in and out of the water to produce small amplitude waves that travel against the current, goal to see wave blocking at the streamlined object (see attached picture to help visualize). I have used simpler program autodesk cfd to make initial visualization and learn some basic CFD steps. Obviously Ansys is different, and I would like to know basic tips for implementing this on Ansys, if I know what the geometry should look like I will be able to figure out most of the rest by trial:

      Will the geometry require separate volumes for the fluid, solid, the height of the fluid(in autodesk you need separate volumes that meet where the free surface will be initially), is the motion of an object possible for wave generation or is there another way to do what I want(I only saw periodic boundary conditions in manual), any other tips on settings required?


    • Raef.Kobeissi


      This is an advanced simulation and it comprises the following elements:

      - Open Channel  - You need to use the VOF model ( volume of fluid)

      -6DOF Dynamic mesh method - You need to use the 6DOF dynamic mesh method to simulate the object bobbing up and down

      It is a transient simulation and it is perfectly achievable in ANSYS Fluent. You need to get all the properties for the 3D object ( Mass, Mass moment of inertia etc..) you need to represent the solid body as a cavity and you will have 2 fluid materials (Air and Water).
      An example of this simulation in 2D:

      Something similar in 3D:

    • Nazmul Islam Nishat

      How to generate wave properly for owc ....?i need full tutorials.if any one give me suggestion or give me video how to do it. thnx

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