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Tire Rotating Off Axis- Yaw CFD

    • Oscar Gerber

      I am trying to simulate during steady state cornering by placing the fluid region at a yaw angle to the car and turning the front wheels.However, the wheels will no longer be rotating according to the one of the principal axes x,y, or z. I am wondering how I can express the direction of rotation for this system or if there is a better way to go abotu this. I was able to find the center of the axis but am unsure how to express the direction with respect to the global coordinate system. 

    • Sunil Lilhare
      Ansys Employee

      Hello, looking at the CAD it seems like you may have to resolve the wheel central axis in x, y and z components for each wheel and enter all the three components in the rotation axis direction as the central wheel axes are not parallel to global coordinate system.
      To know more, please refer to a section of the Ansys Fluent's User Guide whose link is given below. After opening the link, please have a look at wall boundary conditions.

      7.4. Boundary Conditions (ansys.com)

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