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To build divergence of volume fraction gradient in UDF

    • semi

      Hi, I want to capture the curvature for water surface in Eulerian-Eulerian multi-phase flow simulation by UDF in fluent. 

      The formula  I want to implement is Div[grd(Vof-l)/mag(Vof-l))]. 

      I know that C_VOF_G(c,t) can calculate gradient of volume fraction
      NV_MAG(C_VOF_G(c,t)) can calculate magnitude of volume fraction.

      But how can I calculate divergence of volume fraction gradient in UDF.


    • DrAmine
      Ansys Employee
      You make a gradient of the gradient then sum the components of the matrix which result in the Laplacian.
    • semi

      Thanks, abenhadj

      I got the idea.

      sorry for replying late.

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