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LS Dyna

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    • A P

      Hello fellow collegues,

      As i was woking on a Self Driving car product, I needed your support towards the simulation tool, as i cound not found much details online, thus looking towards you all for the same -

      I am looking for specific answers, not the generic once, which can help me to compare various tools.

      Below are my concerns - 

      • Rendering quality being provided (any specific parametric value)
      • Dynamic actor and the dynamic environment configuration during simulation.
      • Emergency scenarios configuration.
      • ADAS simulation along with various suits of sensors and cloud infra to through test out various emergency scenarios. 

      Thanks in advance !!




    • Aniket
      Ansys Employee

      Which software and what release of the software are you using?

      Also, is it the student version or the professional version? If later can you please open a new Service request with more details? Also, if former, please describe your problem in more details.


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