Topo incomplete because curve end is not defined

    • DylanVillkhu

      Hi all,

      I am creating a mesh for a 3D geometry, and when completing the mesh, I notice that there is a line of code in the output file that reads "Topo incomplete because curve end is not defined".

      Could anybody inform me as to what this means please ?

      I also have an issue with "degenerate verticies" if anybody knows how to fix this or what it means. From what I remember, when I used a more coarse mesh (this mesh is very fine), I am unsure whether this issue was present.

      Does anybody know what "Topo incomplete because curve end is not defined" means, or what "degenerate verticies" are and how to fix such things.



    • wcao
      Ansys Employee
      Hello I wonder if you are using blocked mesh or unstructured mesh?
      For the "Topo incomplete" issue, it seems like the geometry is dirty so that some curve does not have a clear end, which should be points. Please use the geometry fix tool to rebuild better topology.
      Regarding the "degenerate vertices", I wonder it showed at which step? Thanks.
    • DylanVillkhu

      I think I am using an unstructured mesh as when writing the output file from ICEM to CFX, it does say 'ANSYS CFX supports unstructured mesh'. Does this make a difference?

      I have created a new .STL file with maximum resolution (as this is the file type I am using when importing to ICEM) and even with the maximum resolution, the line reading "topo incomplete because curve end is not defined" remains.
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