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    • Celal Kermangil


      I am using the Ansys topology optimization toolbox to remove unwanted areas from my part. I know the topology optimization removes the region where the stress is less (in figure red region is more stressful which means these areas will be kept). My assumption is to remove the red par, is there parameters inside topology optimization that could remove the red region shown in the figure below? Thank you.



    • Sahil Sura
      Ansys Employee

      Hello Celal Kermangil,

      The optimization analyses help to generate a geometry with the same structural integrity but with an efficient design.
      It is usually driven by the loads and boundary conditions of the preceding analyses.
      Ansys Mechanical Provides some optimization methods -
      Topology Optimization (Density-Based Optimization , Level Set Based Optimization,Mixable Density),Lattice Optimization,Shape Optimization,Topography Optimization.

      By selecting appropriate ranges for the entity on which the structure needs to be optimized, you can control the output design.

      Please refer to the following resources for more information-

      Structural Optimization Analysis (
      Design Method Definitions ( 
      Optimization Analysis Overview (
      Topology Optimization Using Ansys Mechanical - ANSYS Innovation Courses

      Hope this helps!


      • Celal Kermangil

        Thank you for your support.



        Celal Kermangil.

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