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    • Parthiban123

      I am using a student version of Ansys 20 to perform a topology optimization. I performed the topology optimization and the right clicked on the result to go to " Transfer to design validation". Once there if i try to update the model, i get an error as below.

      "Update failed for the model component in static structural. Cannot refresh model in system static structural. The upstream component results in system topology optimization has not generated a smoothed model file to continue"

      Request help from the experts here to move past this step.

      Thanks in Advance! 

    • baenjo


      I am just starting to dive into ANSYS and the topology optimization as well and was faced by the same error when trying to replicate this tutorial:

      Seems like we aren't the only ones too, judging from this thread here:

      Note that the "Transfer to design validation" now redirects to the "model" line of the static structural analysis. It used to redirect to "geometry". By manually creating a static structural after my topology optimization and dragging the result onto the geometry line, I was able to have my optimized design in the stress analysis. Note that you now need to open the geometry in SpaceClaim and convert it to a solid. A step that seems to be skipped when using "Transfer to design validation".

      Unfortunately, I was not able to solve a static analysis on any of the topology optimized models, since they quickly exceed the student licence limitations of the solver.

      Overall my solution does only seem like a quick fix though. If anyone can provide the solution how it is supposed to work with the automatic transfer I would appreciate it very much!

      Best regards,


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