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Topology Optimization ANSYS Workbench 2020R1

    • Mike95

      Hello, can someone help me with my problem with topology optimization in the Ansys Workbench version 2020R1?

      I activated smoothing in the topology optimization and exported the model.

      Then I transferred the result to the design validation system.

      However, when I try to create the mesh in the design validation system, an error message appears.

      The error message says: "One or more objects could not be meshed. The mesh of these objects may not be up to date. However, other objects may have been sucessfully networked.

      The process flow and the error message are shown in the following pictures (in German).

      Thank you.

    • Rob
      Ansys Employee

      Thanks for translating.  Check the volume, it may have been collapsed/squashed during the optimisation process so you may need to revise the mesh settings. 

    • Mike95

      How can I check the volume?

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