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Topology Optimization error after saving the project

    • aphcz

      Hi, I'm currently running a 2019 R1 student version, win10.

      I'm about to perform a simple topology optimization using static structural. If I start ansys with a new project and start drawing the geometry, then define the boundary conditions etc. drop the "topology optimization" on top of the solution of the static structural - then everything works well. However, after saving the project I get the following error message: "(DP 0) The execution of the optimization solver was not successful. Please verify the install."

      This happens each time, with every project. The issue does not seem to be linked to a student version, because the optimization inherently works, but stops working after the project is saved (maybe there are several causes that might trigger this issue, but I managed to identify only this particular cause).


      Any suggestions?


      Thanks, Jan

    • Sandeep Medikonda
      Ansys Employee

      Did you get an optimized shape?

      Share your optimization convergence pattern and check the solver output to see if any errors were written.

       Also, maybe you can try saving the project before you run anything?

    • aphcz

      Hi, thanks for prompt reply.

      If the project was started and not saved, I got the optimized shape. However, after saving the project the optmization module was not working at all. Somehow this seemed to me as a problem of the files being saved rather than the problem with installation or specific modules (anyway, "static structural" module was working even after saving and loading the project). Restarting the software/computer did not help.

      After some elaboration I just tried to save the project directly into the "c:" directory and the topology optimization module started to work right away (not even requiring reload/restart etc). Initially I got the project saved in my onedrive folder "for business" - which contains spaces and diacritics. The real problem seems to be the diacritics in the folder name. However - a little misleading error message by ansys though.

      Anyway, thanks for your time.

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