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Topology Optimization error

    • Ibrhm

      Hello, I tried to solve a topology optimization analysis and used two version of ansys ( 18.1 and 18.2 ). I always get same errors;

      • '' current result file may not contain requested result data C:UsersIBODesktopAnaliz2topology_filesdp0SYS-8MECHfile;topo.  Please clear the solution '' 

      • '' The optimization solution run was terminated. Check the optimization output on the solution information object for possible causes ''

      Can anyone help me to find out a way ?

    • Aniket
      Ansys Employee

      have you tried clearing the solution and resolving it? also, what does optimization solver output mention?


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    • Ibrhm

      Hello Mr. Aniket, I realized a big mistake that I've done in this analysis. I forgot to give the density of my newly defined material. Even if I solve my problem this analysis takes a lot of time like more than 3 hours. I've done the same analysis before and it was taking around 30 minutes. I don't understand the problem of time. Do you have any idea about the processing time? 

      Topology processing time


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