Toroidal Antenna design using HFSS

    • Sheikh Shahparan


      I am trying to design a toroidal antenna for quantum sensing experiment.  I  am using draw equation based curve: 



      But I can not fix the unit and parameters for this equations. And port creation seems tough to me for this shape antenna. Can anybody please tell me how  to fix these issues?
    • Praneeth
      Ansys Employee


      Thank you for reaching out to the Ansys learning forum and your patience is much appreciated.

      Do you know that there is a "draw torus" command in the draw ribbon area of the Ansys Electronics Desktop? This can simplify your model creation.

      If you still want to use an equation based model geometry then please go through "drawing an equation-based curve" section of the HFSS help pdf document which can be accessible from the help menu. Kindly note that default units for equation based curves are meters and unit conversion is not properly supported.

      Best regards,

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