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TORQUE with Moab scheduler in Remote Solve Manager


    • steven.vandenbrande

      I work at an HPC facility where we use TORQUE/Moab for scheduling jobs and managing resources. Our users have been submitting jobs using the ANSYS Remote Solve Manager by selecting "TORQUE with Moab" as the HPC type when running the rsmclusterconfig tool. In recent versions (for instance 2021R2), that option has disappeared from the drop down list. Also from the fluent launcher there is no option to use the TORQUE/Moab scheduler (but that was also not the case in earlier versions).

      Is there still a possibility to use TORQUE with Moab in the RSM? Looking at the install directory (for instance v212/RSM/Config/xml/), there are still some configuration files for TORQUE so maybe there is a workaround to get this going?

      Thanks for suggestions on how to make this work.

    • Mike Rife
      Ansys Employee
      RSM support for Torgue/Moab was replaced with Slurm at version 2020 R2. You can still use Torque/Moab as a 'Custom' HPC type and yep, the config files for Moab were included in the install to help with that. Please see the RSM help for more information on configuring an custom HPC type.
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