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General Mechanical

Torsion in a solid model

    • mekafime

      Hello everybody

      Could you please help me with the following:
      How to check if a model made with solids has torsion?, and
      How to verify that the force that loads on one end of a component is the same in the middle of this component, I suspect that in my model I have eccentricity, therefore the possible torsion.



    • Armin_A

      Hello there,

      Torsion loads typically promote shear stresses in a structure so assuming that you have no other sources of shear loads, you can investigate shear stresses in your model to see if shear stresses are notable and that may indicate if torsion is present or not.

      Regarding the second question (if I understood it correctly), when you are dealing with a quasi-static scenario, the internal loads at the middle of the structure should balance out the external loads considering static equilibrium.

    • Claudio Pedrazzi


      Possibly posting a picture of the specific structure you are referring to could help.

      You should be able to extract forces and moments in any position or region of the structure, using the “probe” tool.  

      Though it is true that torsion generates shear stresses, also a normal beam, loaded at one end with a force transversal to its axis, will have shear stresses.  So I would also suggest to have a look at the appropriate deformation (for example trying to determinate a rotation angle).  For these reasons a few pictures could help to better understand your question and suggest solutions.


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