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Torsion spring

    • Adisa


       I have question about Moment or Force of torsion spring in dependence of time.

      Does time cause changes to spring. I am doing one example, where I need to determine force of spring, which are opening 90 degrees in 3 seconds.I have the properties of spring.

      Now, whether this time has anything influence on the force. I guess if i do in static it does not have difference. But
      generally whether time has a forceful impact on real life.  Or need to use dynamic where I take inertia of part which is jointed on spring

      From the below pic it does not have impact on force, as we can see in the equation, but I want to hear your



      And from the equation k is spring constant, and can I for this constant use modulus of elasticity. I get the properties from this the link: 

    • Adisa

      Like this.


      Best regards.

    • Sandeep Medikonda
      Ansys Employee

      Hello Adisa,

        I don't think it will affect your value if you are looking at just the force contribution coming from the spring, if you are considering the effect of the part included in your force calculation, inertia will have an effect in a dynamic analysis.



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