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General Mechanical

Total deformation analysis of the submerged tube

    • Umut Can Gölbaşı


      I have a simple tube geometry like this.

      Basic Tube Image Link

      I want to analyze the total deformation and safety factor under water. In this simple geometry, would it give the correct result to give the 101.325 Pa pressure to the inner surfaces and 0.5917 MPa pressure to the outer surfaces for a depth of 50 meters?

      In this simple geometry, it is quite easy to select the outer and inner surfaces. How can I select surfaces in complex geometries?

      Thank you.


    • Erik Kostson
      Ansys Employee



      You can apply external and internal pressure as needed.


      For selecting see this post and search the internet :


      Also the extend to limits/adjacent tools are useful perhaps.


      See our course on Ansys mechanical:



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