total heat transfer rate and total sensible heat transfer rate

    • Weiqiang Liu

      Hi all,

      I am modeling a combustion flow with fluent. All the residuals are flat and below some critical values and monitored variables are constant as well. 

      I tried to check the flux balance of the whole system. I seclected whole boundaries in the model. The mass flow rate is balanced. However, the total heat transfer rate is -26.81818W and the total sensible heat transfer rate is -2.025117W.  I know that sensible heat transfer rate does not account for chemical reaction heat.  However, I just reported net results, which means chemical reaction heat is included. Therefore, these two values should be the same and they should be both very close to 0. 

      I am wondering why they are different? How can I make these values close to 0 when modeling complicated combustion flow?

      Best regards


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