Total Surface Heat Flux Calculation in Fluent

    • Christiantyo Moeprodjo

      Hi all,

      I am struggling to grasp how Fluent calculates 'Total Surface Heat Flux' for its simulation. Could anyone please elaborate on:

      1) What steps are taken by Fluent to conduct the Total Surface Heat Flux calculation, and

      2) What heat transfer equations are used to calculate this?

      Thank you in advance!

    • SRP


      Total Surface Heat flux is the convection post processing variable. The surface integral of total surface heat flux is identitcal to total heat tranfer rate in flux report in fluent.

      For more details, please refer theory guide: 26.1. Fluxes Through Boundaries (ansys.com)

      If you are not to access the  link. please refer to this forum discussion:Using Help with links (ansys.com)

      Thank you

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