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Trace Force with APLD and stop the solving process when reaches required load

    • Norbert Ionas


      I have a simple static structural model for example purposses.

      On one end the model is fixed with a fixed support, on the other end a general joint is defined and a 2mm diplacement is applied in Z direction (downwards). After the model is solved I can see a Force=4067N in Z, now I would like to rerun the model and use a Command Snippet and somehow trace the Joint Force in real solving time and when it reaches 3000N (around 1.5mm) lets say, stop the simulation with APDL command. 

    • Chandra Sekaran
      Ansys Employee

      You already have this information (by looking at the time history of joint force vs time) if you have used multiple substeps during the analysis. However if you need a way to stop the analysis then you can do so with APDL scripting but it is not straightforward. Instead of applying the 2 mm load in one load step you can gradually apply it over many load steps and then at each load check the joint force. If checking the joint force requires postprocessing, then you have to use restarts. Something like below to check for displacement at a node for example.

      *do,i,1,20,1   ! apply load over 20 load steps



      ! do postprocessing to check the force value




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