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Trace Mapping Questions

    • byklife

      Hello. I am using the trace mapping feature with ANSYS v17.2 and have some questions. 

      1. In the attached file, I show a vertical trace with alternating columns of metal/dielectric with thickness = 1 mm. With a cell = mesh = 1 mm, there are no issues with VF. However, if I use cell = 2 mm, mesh = 1 mm, the average VF = 0.666. 
      When I look at the directional VFs, X - VF = 0.5; Y - VF = 0.999; Z - VF = 0.5. 
      If I place a fixed support on the left face, and a force on the right face to inversely calculate x - modulus, the result when cell = 2 mm, mesh = 1 mm is significantly low and does not match results using rule of mixtures. 
      Could anyone clarify for me what the physical meaning of the directional volume fractions are? Does a X - VF = 0.5 merely indicate that half of the cell is metal and the other half is dielectric (homogeneously), or is there another representation? 

      2. Is it possible to view the material properties of elements after trace mapping? 

      3. For Q #2, I believe it was possible through the ACT extension in v16.2. Does anyone know if there any plans to introduce its features into newer versions of ANSYS? 




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