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Transfer Licence Manager to a New RHEL 7 Server

    • oitvas

      I am attempting to migrate the existing Ansys License Manager from a RHEL 6 server to a new RHEL 7 server.  The DNS alias will remain the same, but the MAC address will change.  I attempted to use the "License Server Change" application on the Customer Portal, but my ANSYS Academic Multiphysics Campus Solution lease is a "Ineligible Product."  The note at the top of the screen says a manual server change is needed and that I should contact my "channel partner."  I left a message with Ansys Support and they left me a voicemail stating that I must post this request here. 

      Please let me know what to do next.

    • Matt Madore
      Ansys Employee



      I will ask that your ANSYS Account Team reach out to you to assist with the license change.


      Thank you,

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