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General Mechanical

Transfering B.C.s and loads from Ansys Mechanical to APDL

    • cagdasakalin


      I am trying to transfer what I created for B.C.s and loads in Ansys Mechanical to APDL using Workbench, however, I could not achieve to monitor and plot these APDL. You can see what I tried to do in the screenshots attached.


      Could you please give your suggestions to transfer all BCs and loads to APDL?

    • jj77

      From your WB project go to the static system (see below - E) and the set up cell, right mouse button click and choose transfer data to Mechanical APDL.


      In the APDL component system (F) in the project schematic right click on the Analysis cell and choose edit in Mech. APDL and that will transfer everything (see below).


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