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Transfering CFD results to Static Structural

    • Aslinn

      Hi all, could someone please give me some help with Ansys scripting in workbench? I am trying to transfer the pressure results I got from a CFD study in Fluid to Static Structural. I have exported the CFD results in the following format:

      cellnumber,    x-coordinate,    y-coordinate,    z-coordinate,  total-pressure

               1, 4.133429050E+00, 4.335345268E+00, 1.745617270E+00,-3.076523920E+02

               2, 3.965280294E+00, 4.335345268E+00, 1.462883830E+00,-2.676545454E+02

               3, 4.098200321E+00, 4.335345268E+00, 3.833293915E+00,-4.508818876E+02

               4, 3.573703766E+00, 4.335345268E+00, 3.805968046E+00,-4.346153642E+02

               5, 3.336811066E+00, 4.335345268E+00, 3.618106604E+00,-4.367504221E+02

               6, 3.028015137E+00, 4.335345268E+00, 3.812138319E+00,-4.522632891E+02

               7, 3.939915895E+00, 4.335345268E+00, 2.001999617E+00,-3.253406935E+02

               8, 4.092566490E+00, 4.335345268E+00, 2.781645536E+00,-3.667821233E+02

               9, 3.450215578E+00, 4.335345268E+00, 9.655511379E-01,-2.918113661E+02

              10, 3.218450308E+00, 4.335345268E+00, 3.909083307E-01,-2.970835651E+02

      I would like to apply this set of pressure in Static Structual. My thinking is that I have coordinates and values, therefore I should be able to achieve the pressure assginement through scripting. However, I'm not familiar with scripting in Ansys. Could someone please suggest me how I shall start?

      Thank you very much!

    • jj77

      This is a one way transfer that can be done very easily in Ansys without this.


      See here on how to transfer results from CFD to Structural:



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