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General Mechanical

Transferring Explicit Dynamic Results to MAPDL

    • Arash

      I have run explicit dynamic model (tool cutting), now I need to export the stress/strain (time history) of one of the geometries to a transient structural model.

      I've look that the Ansys help (attached picture), but don't know how to write the  necessary XML or the Python script.

      would appreciate it if anyone can help me with that or can send me an example that help get started. 



    • Sandeep Medikonda
      Ansys Employee

      You can do this using External Data.

      First export the stresses and strains (I show this for a shell body, you wouldn't need thickness and different layer stresses if you are using a solid element model):

      Import the exported CSV files using External Data and link them to the static analysis.

      Once you have a structural analysis, you should see an option to import loads as shown below:

    • Arash

      Hi Sandeep


      Thanks for your reply.

      If I'm not mistaken, using external Data method we can transfer the results only from one time-step? Is there a way to transfer the whole time-history?

      From what I read, this can be done in Explicit Dynamics by python scripts. Do you have an example of such a script?



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