Transformer Design – Parasitics

    • Grigorios

      Hi everyone,

      I'm relatively new at ANSYS. I've had success calculating leakage inductances/magnetizing inductances of transformers in maxwell 3D, as I could find material on the demo models. However, I need to also calculate parasitic capacitance (intra and inter winding), but I cannot figure out the best way to go forward with this. Has anyone done this successfully and is willing to share their ways?

      Many thanks.

    • GLUO
      Ansys Employee

      Hello @Grigorios,

      Electrostatic solver and transient A-Phi solver can do capacitance calulation. In electrostatic solver, you could right click parameter and assign matrix to the windings. In transient A-Phi solver, you could enable the matrix calculation, then assign matrix to the windings.




    • Grigorios

      Hello @Gluo,

      Thank you for taking the time to reply. I did find out about the electrostatic solver, but it didn't take into account the voltage distributions along the transformers windings.

      I had a quick google for the A-phi solver and it seems ideal, since it does do that. I will test it in the next days.

      Kind regards,


    • mustafa ÜREN

      hello, can you share your transformer design file with me?

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