Transient 3D Co-Simulation in Simplorer

    • Sebastian

      Dear ANSYS Community,

      I want to simulate a Transient 3D Co-Simulation between ANSYS Simplorer and Maxwell 3D. So I created a Co-Simulation in Simlprer and set up the Current Excitations and a Motion Setup. In 2d that works fine! In 3D I got the following message in Simplorer :"Simulation completed withe execution error on server.Local Machine / An external simulator couldn't be setup for simulation". When I have a look on Maxwell the following message: " Command line parameters are not valid / Simulation completed with execution error on server. Local machine"

      Unfortunately the file is to big to attach it in the community.


      Does anyboy have an idea what could be the problem?


      Thanks a lot in advance



    • DrAmine
      Ansys Employee

      Moving this topic in the related thread

    • sidharthpunia10500


      I am also struck with a similar problem. 

      Currently, I am trying to integrate Maxwell 3D design with circuits in Simplorer. I want to sweep some physical parameters (location) in Maxwell model, and derive power from Simplorer. Running with fixed parameters works, sweeping within Maxwell also works, but when sweeping integrated maxwell parameters in the Simplorer, it says "error on set parameter". Do you have any idea about what is happening and what is the correct way to do the sweep?

      Attached are some related screenshots.

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