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General Mechanical

Transient acoustic investigation of a fan in housing

    • Leo Mangalath


      I am currently trying to investigate the sound pressure level of fans in housings in the far field. However, I did not find a transient acoustic module in the workbench that I can use. The calculation in Fluent is not possible due to the enormous computational cost for investigations in the far field with obstacles, such as the housing.

      My current approach is to simulate the flow field in Fluent/CFX and export the pressure into Mechanical but without success. 

      I hope that I clearly expressed my problem and would appreciate help. 

    • Erik Kostson
      Ansys Employee




      We can not do that in Ansys Mechanical. So we can not import pressures from Fluent 1st since these (cfd) are total pressures and we need only the acoustic portion of the total pressure, something one can not get. And 2nd even if we had that, we can not import cfd pressures on air acoustic domain in Mechanical - only on structures/solids using the FLUREAD command).

      So to sum up we can not do a coupled aeroacoustic simulation between CFD and Mechanical acoustics as you want.


      The only way is to do it all in Fluent/Aeroacoustics using the FW-H (does not account for housing and instalation effects) or CAA approach (again it might not be possible due to the computation effort).


      Thank you




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