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General Mechanical

Transient analysis – ANSYS APDL

    • Cpwtub

      Dear All,

      I want to model a tower and apply a time dependent load at the top of the tower in one direction.

      • I bring the load as a external table - So time with the load , then i have time steps and load at the certain time step.
      • Then apply this imported data as the load , which varies with the time.

      To check this, I imported a load ( external file), but for the first case I did not change the load with the time step. And yes there are other ways to apply directly without tables. But i wanted to check first.

      When I run the transient, it showed me a sinusoidal displacement at the top of the tower, where i apply the load table.

      What can be the reason?, Why even the load does not change with the time step.

      Following is the , time steps, load application, and the results (deformations)..

    • Keyur Kanade
      Ansys Employee
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