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Transient Analysis problem

    • hkamiloglu



      I am trying to model an unpaved road subjected to a tire load considering the plain-strain condition in ANSYS APDL . I modeled the top layer and subbase layer with Drucker-Prager material model using plane 182 (plain-stain) element. The tire pressure was modeled as sinusoidal considering the following formula.

      Pressure x Sin(Pi/4*Time) =     1000 x Sin (Pi/4*Time)

      I tried to perform a transient analysis.  However, the program closed after starting the solution process.  I couldn’t find the problem.  I would be grateful if anyone helps me. (I attached APDL code of the model)


    • user8179
      Hello,nnDid you find any sloution for this ?nI am also facing same issue. Please share your experince with DP model in ansys apdl and workbench.nnThank you,nnKind regards,nNaveen Maddelan
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