Transient average Radial (or X,Y) velocity in Stationary frame

    • majam


      I am trying to extract the transient average velocities from Fluent (CFD -Post), here are my issues:

      -I have a mixing tank and am using mesh motion model. I activated the data sampling for time statistics to get the time average velocities on a vertical plane in CFD post.

          1- The variables that appear after activating statistics are in the pic. Why I can not find mean x velocity in the CFD post (although I activated it in data file quantities), Is it water. velocity U Trnavg?

          2- At the end, I want to calculate Transient Average Radial Velocity in a Stationary frame.

         But I don't have Trnavg Radial vel (which can be calculated easily based on X velocity), Is there any other way to get it?

         3- Also Trans avg velocities are not in the stationary frame and I don't know how to calculate it.


      I would appreciate your help.


    • DrAmine
      Ansys Employee

      The mean velocities are available in CFD-Post as Trnavg.

      You need to re-construct what is missing but I recommend to do that in Ansys Fluent before exporting to Ansys CFD-Post.

      Check by comoparing the Trnvav of velocities if they are written for STN frame by comparing to Ansys Fluent results. Report if something is missing / wrong.

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