Transient Data Export for 1D Diffusion

    • holdy97


      I am solving some 1D transient diffusion problems for a sphere. I am doing this by just solving the energy equation within Fluent. I want to export my solution data (temperature at all spatial nodes at all time stamps) so I can analyze in Matlab. Currently I have it set to record and save data every 'n' timesteps, but I can't figure out the best way to actually export this data.

      Alternatively, it would work to post process within Fluent/Workbench if I can figure out a way to plot temp vs radial coordinate at various time steps on the same curve (See attached Matlab Figure). Thanks

    • Karthik R
      Hello I'm not able to open the image you have attached. Instead of attaching, please try and embed it directly into your post.
      You should be able to set-up an 'Automatic Export' of just this data using the 'Automatic Export' option through the Fluent GUI. You will need to set this up before you run the simulation. This option can be found under: Calculation Activities -> Automatic Export -> Create. Pick the file type as ASCII, select the surface, and the variables you wish to write. You will also need to specify the export frequency. Please see the screenshot below.
      Once you run your simulation, Fluent will export this data. You can use the 'Data Sources' option under 'Plots' to plot this data. You can pick and choose Flow Times and you should have the plot you need.
    • holdy97
      Hi Karthik
      Thanks for the response. I do not have the option for "automatic report" under Calculation activities. I'll re-attach the plot as well.

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