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Transient DQ Analysis Results are not Correct

    • kobay000

      Hi, I have been trying to verify a 5-phase interior permanent magnet machine with Ansys Maxwell. However, the analysis results do not match. The initial position (d-axis of magnets which are colored red) has aligned with the Phase-A coil (which is colored dark and light red in slots).

      The winding excitations are defined as below:

      A = id*sin(thet_e)+iq*cos(thet_e)

      B = id*sin(thet_e-2*pi/5)+iq*cos(thet_e-2*pi/5)

      C = id*sin(thet_e-4*pi/5)+iq*cos(thet_e-4*pi/5)

      D = id*sin(thet_e-6*pi/5)+iq*cos(thet_e-6*pi/5)

      E = id*sin(thet_e-8*pi/5)+iq*cos(thet_e-8*pi/5)

      id = -50

      iq = 20

      thet_e = Omega_rad*Time

      Omega_rad = 3141

      However, the calculated id and iq currents do not match with given values.

      Also, when I try to calculate the torque with calculated Ld, Lq, id, and iq it does not match with the torque calculated by Ansys which is given below. Please, any help or suggestions?

    • Aymen
      Ansys Employee

      Please contact Ansys Support customer.ansys.com and upload your design for further investigation

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