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Transient Mode Superposition Analysis

    • barile.alan

      Hello everybody,

      My name is Alan Barile and I am a civil engineering student in Brazil.

      Does anyone have a simple example of transient analysis using mode superposition?

      I created a simple example using a beam with one end fixed and the other free. I used a sinusoidal load and wish to get the vertical displacement at the free end, but I'm not able to make it work. Any suggestion?


      Best regards,



    • peteroznewman

      Hello Alan,

      I see you have an APDL script there. I am a novice at APDL, so I hope someone else can help you with that.

      I did a simple cantilever Transient Mode Superposition using Workbench and wrote about it in this discussion.

      Best regards,


    • sk_cheah

      Hi Alan,

      Please see the University of Alberta's example.

      Kind regards,

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