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General Mechanical

transient structure shape optimization

    • aufar

      hay i do simulation for hip joint, and i input number of time step like this picture

    • Erik Kostson
      Ansys Employee

      See the manual for more info about time steps.

      In this case with this maximum time step (2s) it is beyond the end time of that step.

      So I would suggest to use something like 0.25 sec for initial 0.1 sec for min, and 0.5 s as max.

      Also the time step depends what is the highest freq. in your system and can thus be taken as dt = 1/(freq_max) * (0.1)
      (this is just a rough guideline for dt so we might need to sue smaller than that if we have lost of damping, contacts, fats load variations, etc)
      All the best

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