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Transient thermal Analysis error

    • Alex1EDP

      I am trying to perform a transient thermal analysis of the dam, meaning the temperatures vary over time and i am usaing the an apdl code but i keep getting the same error:


       *** WARNING ***                         CP =       1.328   TIME= 12:437

       There are no active degrees of freedom.                                 


       *** ERROR ***                           CP =       1.375   TIME= 12:437

       An unexpected error ( SIG$SEGV ) has occurred...  ANSYS internal data   

       has been corrupted.  ANSYS is unable to recover and will terminate.     

       Previously saved files are unaffected.  Please send the data leading    

       to this operation to your technical support provider, as this will      

       allow ANSYS, Inc to improve the program. 

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