Transient Thermal analysis of varying temperature with respect to time

    • Bhomit Pahilwani

      I'm trying to conduct a transient thermal analysis of a room whose outside temperature varies with time. I want to apply convection on the outer surface of the wall following conduction and then measure the inside temperature of the room. Can anyone guide me on how to do it?
      I tried to apply convection on the outer surface with temp varying according to time but I'm not getting the desired result.
      Thank you

    • Nikhil Narale
      Ansys Employee


      The heat transfer depends on the temperature difference. I hope you have initialized the inside temperature correctly. Also, make sure to apply appropriate boundary condition (coupled) between the inside air zone and the solid wall zone.


      "but I'm not getting the desired result."
      Can you please explain how your results are deviating from expectations.



      • Bhomit Pahilwani

        Hi, as you can see I've taken a plain slab for the initial problem and assigned an external temperature along with a convective boundary condition on the edge of the slab with the varying temperature at different times. In the result, the slab maximum temperature doesn't go beyond 22.9 Celsius which shouldn't be the case.

        Sorry for the jumbled pictures, I cannot arrange them properly.
        Thank you.

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