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General Mechanical

Transient Thermo-electrical analysis

    • Pukmester

      hi all 

      at the first time i found that its hard to do transient thermo-electrical analysis in workbench

      but with help of this forum i did the attached analysis in the following link

      i want to check the steps if its right 

      and one more thing, i want to start the analysis with current of 10KA and after specific time as shows in attached figure 

      i want to raise the current etc...

      how can i do this 

      thanks in advanced 


    • Erik Kostson
      Ansys Employee





      We (Ansys Emp.) can not open that file.

      To do transient one

      You just need a therm-ele. system, and then add the command snippet:




      For the load apply a tabular (time) load for the current (I)  – see below where they define a tabular force load – you can do the same for the current:




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