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Transient video from HPC

    • Nicolas Alvarez Gomez


      I`m wondering if there is a way to create a transient video using .trn files by command line for cfx5post direct from slurm job, that`s because our HPC has disabled xdisplay. I mean some kind of string like we use "cfx5solve -def....". In this moment, I got prepared files from HPC then I had to download to a normal workstation to load cases one by one in CFD Post, and i have prepared .cst file

      Only the work that implies to move .trn files (650GB per case) is taking a lot of time because of network and also storage capabilities. 

      Thanks in advance for your help!


    • rfblumen
      Ansys Employee

      Here are the steps to do this:

      1.)  Using a similar transient model (can be coarser mesh, run for fewer time step), read the result into CFD-Post.  Create plot objects that will be animated.  Save the state file

      2.) Start a session file

      3.)  Setup a keyframe animation using the plot object(s) saved in the state file.  Create the keyframe animation and save the movie file.  Exit CFD-Post.

      4.)  Edit the CFD-Post session file.  Modify parameters in the file to match the desired solution to be post-processed in a text editor to match the desired solution (i.e. timestep number, number of keyframes, animation speed factor, name of movie file, etc.)

      5.)  Run CFD-Post from the command line using the cfx5post command.  Include then state file, session file and desired solution file in the command line arguments (type in the command line window "cfx5post -help > cfx5post.txt" to create a file with the command line arguments).  The animation file will be generated by CFD-Post in the background.

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