Transistor switching in HFSS

    • Julu


       I am trying to model an array of switching transistors in HFSS. I am not sure how to do switching of the transistors in HFSS. Can we model a NMOS directly in HFSS? please help.



    • asamaiyar

      Hi Julu,

      Option 1:

      You can Insert Circuit Design. That supports non linear models (like transistor switches). And then you can directly connect it to HFSS full wave EM models. But this will only allow you to see circuit parameter responses (S-Parameters etc) of your final integrated design. If you want to see farfield/nearfield performances of your design, try Option 2.

      Option 2:

      You can characterize your transistor states fully and implement some kind of Freq dependent (or any other variable dependent) source impedance/loads. This can be done using "Design Datasets..." feature. The transistors will not actually be in the design, but the performance of transistors will be included in your results.

      I hope this helps.

      Best Regards,


    • Julu

      Thanks for your help AS.

      In option 1. Do you know how to connect circuit with HFSS full wave EM model. Also, Is there any way to run the time domain EM full wave simulations for switching transistors?


    • Swadesh

      You have to use dynamic link for that. Solve your design in HFSS and make port based on your hfss solution type. Then drag the design to circuit and insert whatever active passive component you need in your complete structure. You can use push excitation feature to understand full 3d EM wave model.

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