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Transition or Turbulence Model?

    • José Mantovani

      Hello everyone!

      I'm setting up my 2D simulation process for aerodynamic profile, and thinking about the turbulence model I came across a question. The conditions are as follows:

      U = 12 m / s

      c (chord length) = 0.575 m

      operating at Standard air 20 ° C

      And calculating the Reynolds number for this flow, Re = 470000.

      So I decided to use SA turbulence model, k-epsilon Realizable and SST k-omega.

      According to the literature, for external flows, around a Reynolds number of 500000 we have a turbulent flow.

      So, it gave me a doubt, which would be more correct: to use these models in which I quoted or some model of transition?

      Thanks for opportunity!


    • DrAmine
      Ansys Employee


      I recommend carry out a sensitivity analysis an compare the results to a transition model. You can start by using the intermittency transition model (3-Eqn model)



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