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Trouble Applying a Displacement Constraint to the Correct Face in a Workbench Harmonic Response Experiment


    • brejo


      I am attempting to run a Harmonic Response simulation in Workbench, but am having trouble applying my displacement constraint to the correct face. I am importing results from Modal Analysis into the Harmonic Response, and would like to keep the Harmonic Response's solution method as "Mode Superposition".

      The issue arises that in this circumstance, the displacement constraint can only be applied to a face/faces that are currently defined as "boundary conditions". My Modal solution includes a fixed support, but I would like to apply the displacement to a different face than where this fixed support is applied, but Workbench doesn't seem to like that.

      Normally, I would just accept that this is simply impossible without changing the solution method to "Full", but I somehow accidentally got it to work without doing that or adding a new fixed support. I ran a few simulations with these settings present and suppressed the displacement constraint to try something else. When I went back and unsuppressed it, Workbench was once again telling me that the displacement constraint was applied to the fixed support and not my selected face.

      Was this a graphical bug? I would greatly appreciate any help you could offer.

    • Subashni Ravichandran
      Ansys Employee

      Hello Bret Johnson

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