Trouble Importing An External Mesh

    • learn13

      I'm having trouble importing a mesh generated using Abaqus.  The attached .inp is capable of being displayed in the Ansys Finite Element Modeler, but does not include the continuum elements.  Only the truss elements remain.

      There are multiple parts (truss, continuum, and shell elms) in the Abaqus mesh. A cross section photo has been attached.

      Ideally I'd like to import this structure into the Ansys Geometry Gui.

    • peteroznewman

      It's not clean and it's not complete, but it's something. By editing the .inp file in a text editor and removing Part-1 and Part-2 then saving the file as Part3.inp, I could read that in to FE Modeler as a second mesh and get the continuum elements.

      I used the Generate Data button in FE Modeler to write out a .dat file, which I read in to an External Model object, and transferred that to Mechanical.

      The zip file has the ANSYS archive, the Part3.inp file, the original inp file and the .dat intermediate file.

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