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Trouble Importing Beam Elements From SpaceClaim to Ansys Structural Simulation

    • Meister

      I prepared the 3D model in SpaceClaim, but when I import the CAD file to Ansys Workbench the beam Elements don`t exist anymore. (I`ve checked the Geometry tree, only the midsurfaces appear, and I`ve also tried setting Share Topology to None, which was suggested in another Question of the forum) Can someone help me?

    • Erik Kostson
      Ansys Employee

      Can you explain a bit more. Why do you mean with import the cad file to Ansys Workbench. You should not need to import if you have used spaceclaim, since it is inside say a static system and the transfer from **** claim to mechanical is automatic.

      Can you show some images of what you are doing and how the set up and model looks like?

      All the best

    • Meister
      Sorry, "import" really isn't the right word. But the beam elements don't show in the mechanical simulation model as they do in SpaceClaim
      That's the CAD model

      That's the SpaceClaim model, which has the Beam elements

      and that's the model in the mechanical simulation, which doesn't have the beam elements

      Hope that explains better the issue I'm having
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